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 guild app.

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PostSubject: guild app.   Thu Nov 22, 2007 8:45 am


Name: Alcaline
Played time on your character (type /played ingame to find this):21 days

In short write your current gear:currently normal pve gear 67-70, am attuning for kara (1st fragment completed) and wish to join for kara asap if possible.


Country: Slovenia
Is your understanding of English good enough to communicate both spoken and written with the guild: both yes


When we start raiding we will expect you to join us in the raids as often as possible.


Previous Guilds: currently in Azure i am looking for raiding guild.
Previous Servers: None
Reasons for moving guild or server: i want to move to this guild because i want to do karazhan, and stay if possible.
Highest instance you ever did in World of Warcraft with any character: Bot,Arca.


Memory: 1gb ram
GFX: 9600ATI
Internet Connection: 8 mbps
Do you have a microphone and are you willing to use this during raids(You wont be forced): i do have a mic and will use it if necessary but if it won't be totally demanded i won't.
If you have anything to add please do it here:Though i'm a "Huntard" please don't consider me as a noobie...i'm playing this hunter for quite some time now, i've experienced A LOT of instances and have an arena team for gaining skill in pvp and for my hunter generally... i want to join this guild because of it's awesome members (i know a few) and of course raid progress. if you think that i could in any way slow you down or make your guild worse then i understand a refusal Smile
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guild app.
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