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 Warrior / Shaman 70 x2

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PostSubject: Warrior / Shaman 70 x2   Wed Nov 28, 2007 1:35 pm





Played time on your character (type /played ingame to find this):
Albanos 30 days / Shamman 25 days

Link to your World of Warcraft Armory page (or Allakhazam/CT Profile):
- Cudent link armory , was down (Error) Just search for Albanos and Shamman.

In short write your current gear:
-Albanos: 3 blues , rest epic. PvE/PvP gear.
-Shamman: Mostly blue, 6 epics. PvE/PvP gear.



-Albanos 18 / Shamman 16

-Norway .

Is your understanding of English good enough to communicate both spoken and written with the guild:
-Yes =)


When we start raiding we will expect you to join us in the raids as often as possible.
- We will be there =) hehe..


Previous Guilds:
-Albanos , A Necessary Evil || Semper Fi || Hostile
- Shamman, Hostile and some other lowbies guilds.

Previous Servers:
-Hellfire only =)

Reasons for moving guild or server:
- Cause we both had a break from raiding and we are totally back for full =) Like old days

Highest instance you ever did in World of Warcraft with any character:
Albanos: SSC / Tempest Keep
Shamman: Tempest Keep / Gruul/Mag



CPU: -Windows Vista both
Memory:- Enough Wink
GFX: ?
Internet Connection: DSL =) Pro
Do you have a microphone and are you willing to use this during raids(You wont be forced): Yup and willing to use when its needed Wink

If you have anything to add please do it here:
- We are brothers. We are serious players who take raiding seriously and do our best each time. We both are dps , then i mean really hardcore dps Razz hehe =)
We have experience and been playing WoW for 3 years soon.
Hope you accept us =) Thanks.
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Warrior / Shaman 70 x2
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